Wedding party

We couldn't get through the day without the support of our nearest and dearest so here's a quick run down of who'll be by our sides on the big day...
Lucy's bridesmaids will include her closest friends!
Vicky Stickland

Vicky and I met at Brighton University all the way back in 2003 and things have been all fun and games since then. We've had loads of fun adventures together including travelling around the world and living in "The Bush" which was probably the biggest adventure of them all! I'm so excited to have Vicky by my side on our big day and can't wait for her wedding in 2014, she'll make a beautiful bride!


Maddie Horrocks
Oh Madge...where do I start? We met through "The Tribe" at uni and have been buddies ever since. We've had many a fun night out on the tiles and lots of crazy adventures in South America. We also lived together in "The Bush" and Mads was always the one at the centre of all the action...definitely not one to miss out on an adventure! It's an honour to have Mads as one of my beautiful bridesmaids.

Lisa Fletcher
Lisa aka Blondie and I met on our very first day of uni sitting in the row of L's (Laura x 2, Lisa, Louise, Lucy) and we've done pretty much everything together since then. There were lots of nights out at uni and after, travelling the world, living in "The Bush"...the list goes on. Blondie is such a great friend and I can't wait to have her by my side to help us celebrate our special day!

Kate Moloney
Molo will probably be the one you'll find asleep in the corner at our wedding so look out for her - sorry hun! Kate's another fab friend that I met through "The Tribe" and we've been pals since 2003. She came out to visit us in Thailand and was an honourary member of "The Bush" so we've had lots of fun over the years! Super excited for Molo to be one of my bridesmaids, she's going to look a beaut!

Best Man & Ushers
Matt's boys by his side will be his brother, Lucy's brother and two of his closest pals!
Russ Taylor

Rusty is flying all the way from sunny Australia to be my Best Man, and there's nobody I'd rather have taking care of business for the big day! We don't see a lot of each other these days (the commute is a killer), so it will be extra special to be able to spend some time with my big bro.
Ben Mason

Benjo is Lucy's "little" brother, though he'll be the tallest person in the room! Even though he always beats me when we play golf, I'm really pleased to have Ben as an usher. The wedding will be a great send off before he heads back to uni to finish his degree.
Simon Taylor

Even though he's not technically related, for the wedding Simon is part of the family! I met Simon at work, the same place I met Lucy, and we've been mates ever since. He's got a keen interest in the cricket which will be finishing up on our wedding weekend, so I'm hoping he'll keep me up-to-date with the scores!
Stu Hetper

Stu and I went to school and uni together, and we've been mates since we were about 13. He's living in London at the moment, and I'm really pleased that he can be a part of the wedding. Having Stu on board also ensures that we have a majority of Aussies on my side of the wedding party!